The success of OCL and how we treat our people goes hand in hand. Our core values: People, Partnerships and Passion remain at the heart of the business with our continued growth determined by how well we are able to instil these values in our people.

We strive to ensure that everyone across the business are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.  Being a family business means we are there to support and nurture our talent. Our CEO, Tony Harris makes a point of getting to know all his staff he appoints regardless of what level they join us.

Working for a family business has many advantages:

  • We enjoy offering a more relaxed environment, with the business treating all of their staff like family, in turn creating a wonderful personal work environment.
  • Decision making is quicker in a family-run business. Instead of having to wade through multiple layers of bureaucracy, which are common in larger organisations, family-run businesses like OCL, are more flexible. If you need approval for a project, you’re more likely to get a quick decision.
  • When a family runs a company, the desire to keep things profitable and stable for future generations is usually very strong. This is good news if you’re looking for a safe, secure job.