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October 20, 2022

OCL are awarded Gold in ‘The Basildon Good Employer Charter Scheme’.

The Good Employer Charter sets out to maintain and support a network of Good Employers across Basildon borough, those who do business responsibility, so enabling both employers and employees to benefit as the economy grows.

Strengthening our local economy requires collective commitment. Businesses and employers play an important role in creating a local economy that not only attracts investors but opens up opportunities for further growth. The Good Employer Charter aims to become a testament to the strength of Basildon’s economy by showcasing local businesses commitment to their employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and the local communities.

OCL have been invited to meet Basildon boroughs Chief Executive, Scott Logan on the 24 October 2022, along with other Charter members to discuss the local community and be presented the accreditation.

The four pillars of the Good Employer Charter are Fair Pay, Employ Basildon, Buy Basildon and Be the Best;

1. Fair Pay

The Good Employer Charter aims to encourage employers to pay a fair wage, develop good employee engagement and offer excellent working conditions.

2. Employ Basildon

The Good Employer Charter seeks to create sustainable local employment and training opportunities across Basildon borough.

3. Buy Basildon

The Charter seeks to support Basildon’s small businesses and promote local supply chain opportunities. Accredited organisations are required to seek quotes and use Basildon Borough businesses as suppliers where possible.

4. Be the Best

The Charter encourages businesses to implement best practice in fairness, equality and sustainability throughout their business practices. Accredited organisations are required to commit to continuous improvement across the fields of equality and diversity, staff wellbeing and development and/or environmental sustainability.

OCL are proud to currently be one of only seven local businesses which has received the Gold accreditation.

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